What is a Counseling Degree?

what is a counseling degreeIndividuals that enjoy helping people and have considered acquiring an education to expand their career opportunities may ask, “What is a counseling degree?” Counseling degrees are ideal for individuals who have a desire to help others that are struggling with personal issues and want to regain good mental health. A counseling degree can enhance listening and communication skills as well as educate the student on different techniques that can be used effectively for coping with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

Counseling schools offer the choice to study general therapy skills or specialize in a specific area of counseling. A bachelor’s degree can help a student become eligible for employment as a school, career or health counselor; however, a master’s degree is required to obtain a license to operate a private practice. Online counseling schools are a convenient way to earn a degree for busy individuals.

How To Find The Top Counseling Programs

Online counseling programs are designed for students who want to major in counseling services while enjoying the convenience and affordability a student may need to succeed. Finding a college that offers the best online counseling degrees is essential to the future success of a student. An accredited college is carefully evaluated by state and regional agencies that ensure the college’s curriculum delivers a high-quality education. Ohio State University offers a unique undergraduate program that allows students to explore careers in school counseling through a program called the First Education Experience.

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In addition to traditional campuses, students can earn a degree in counseling online through a high-ranking distance education program. The best online degrees in counseling are offered by colleges that offer an interactive online classroom where students have the ability to interact with the instructor and other students. Bellevue University is an online university that offers a graduate program that delivers the skills and preparation that is needed to obtain a license to legally practice direct mental health services to individuals in need.

Careers And Salaries For Individuals With Counseling Degrees

Counseling salaries vary depending on experience, education and the type of organization that a counselor is employed in. Although most careers in counseling require an advanced degree, some organizations employ individuals with bachelor’s degree as social workers or substance abuse counselors. The average salaries for those with an undergraduate degree range from $25,000 to $56,000. School counselors make slightly more with the average annual salary starting at $29,000. Counselors with a master’s degree have the potential to make up to $70,000 per year or more. The job outlook for counselors in all specialties is likely to increase over the next eight years. Rates of students attending all levels of schools will increase the demand for school and career development counselors. Many individuals that attend a counseling school to become a counselor may discover that the most common themes that the curriculum focuses on such as conflict resolution and interpersonal communication can be useful for nearly every other area of life. Licensed counselors often have the understanding and the expertise to pursue other career specializations that are dedicated to helping others.